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How I Visited An Agricultural Show and Survived

"Edwin! We are going to the A.S.K. show tomorrow," declared my elder sister. She was giddy and happy. I didn't get it. Why was a teenager excited about an 'A.S.K show'? "Tomorrow is the day," she repeated, her voice rising with excitement. My sister was the family bookworm, while I was the walking question mark. She brought home awards ever since she picked up a book and was top of every class she ever attended. My sister had brains and beauty. Was eloquent and spoke with conviction at most times. She was the cool kid everyone wanted to be. I was glad she was my sister and would tell everyone as she received her umpteenth prize at the school assembly, “Hey, that’s my sister.” Most would look at me funny. As I   turned to my slightly worn-out shoes, angry that their eyes said they didn’t believe me, then promise myself that would not grate my heart.   Anyway! Back to the story. I woke up early Saturday morning. We were at the dining table when Big

My First Visit To a Wildlife Sanctuary

“You need to ask Mommy and Daddy, and they will probably make it happen.” My Uncle said. The thought of visiting a national park became the sun that rose me up in the morning. And the moon that lit my nights. It captured my mind completely.   I daydreamed walking in the savanna and being among the wildebeest. The documentary in my head featured me with a rich, resonant voice.     “I will find a way to visit the national park,” I told myself. Two days later I made my move. “Mom, can I ask for a favor?” I started.   My mom raised her eyebrows and took a pause from her knitting. She gave me a familiar look. The one mothers give their children to let them know they know what the child is about to say. I cleared my throat about to make my case. “Mom! I would like to visit the national park.” “Mmmh?” She asked, her face folded in surprise. It wasn’t a shocking surprise, like ‘what has my son just uttered’. No! My mother had become a specialist, knowing how to deal with